Lufthansa has announced a number of changes to its inflight service, including an expanded meal pre-selection offering for business class passengers.

From the middle of next month premium customers on long-haul flights from Germany will be able to choose from a total of six main dishes, with pre-selection open between one month and 24 hours before departure.

Carriers are steadily moving towards pre-selection, with benefits including increased customer satisfaction as they are (more or less) guaranteed their choice of meal, and reduced inflight food wastage.

Earlier this month Emirates launched a similar service for its business class passengers flying from Dubai to Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports.

Emirates to introduce meal pre-ordering service on London flights

Meanwhile Lufthansa is also introducing new reusable cups (made of recycled plastic) for use by customers ordering hot drinks from the carrier’s Onboard Delights service on European flights. From next month these will replace the current disposable plastic cups and lids.

The move is part of Lufthansa Group’s goal of eliminating the onboard use of single-use plastic and single-use aluminum by 2025.

Finally the airline has expanded its inflight entertainment offering for kids and teens, with the e-journals media library now featuring more age-appropriate options, and new children’s podcasts also available.