GCC-based luxury eco-lodge management company ENVI Lodges has revealed a first glance of its upcoming debut property in Saudi Arabia.

ENVI Al Nakheel is a luxury sustainable lodge in Saudi Arabia’s UNESCO World Heritage listed Al Ahsa Oasis.

Scheduled to open next year, the brand’s launch project is being constructed in a traditional date-palm farm and will offer 25 eco-lodging pods with one- and two-bedrooms, as well as an arrivals pavilion, a farm-to-table dining concept, café, spa, kids’ club, and swimming pool.

ENVI focuses on low-impact alternative accommodation and hence this property reflects that too.

The property will be located in a date farm (Image: Supplied by ENVI Lodges)
The property will be located in a date farm (Image: Supplied by ENVI Lodges)

Thai-based Fractal Architects has designed the pods and guest facilities which will blend with the colours and textures of the farm and its surrounding landscape, while interior design firm, Kristina Zanic Consultants, has developed the interiors which are inspired by the architectural heritage of the Al Ahsa region.

Fractal has taken a ‘plant-based architecture’ approach, reportedly inspired by the patterns of the date palm’s trunk, fronds and leaves.

Referencing the region’s traditional mud-brick architecture, mud and straw will be combined to provide a textured finish with earthy tones.

The architecture and interiors will incorporate sustainable building practices and organic materials, integrating, where possible, natural elements common to Al Ahsa such as palm leaves and bark, straw, and locally derived paint and texture finishes.

Last month, Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Development Fund (TDF) signed a financing agreement with Golden Frond Hotel Services Company, a subsidiary company of the Afyaa Group, to develop this property.

It was reportedly the first agreement between the TDF and private sector for a luxury eco-lodge in Saudi Arabia, with the project already granted its construction permit.

The property is expected to open next year (Image: Supplied by ENVI Lodges)
It is expected to open next year (Image: Supplied by ENVI Lodges)

Al Ahsa, which show evidence of human settlement since the Neolithic era, is one of the 10 destinations targeted for tourism development and the first site in the region to be registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

ENVI Al Nakheel will be one of three locations in Al Ahsa operating in a circuit of eco-lodges, each with their own concept and located within driving distance of one another.

“Our debut project, ENVI Al Nakheel, is not only a design triumph, but demonstrates our steadfast commitment to sustainability, with each eco-lodge inspired by the location and built with local and sustainable materials that mitigate damage to the environment,” said Nöelle Homsy, co-founder of ENVI Lodges.

“As we reveal a first look at our launch project in Saudi Arabia, a destination with a vision for responsible tourism, we seek to champion a new way of travelling, where the real luxury for guests is in knowing their stay has considered protection of wildlife, the mindful use of resources, and support for local communities.”


(Images: Supplied by ENVI Lodges)