Austrian Airlines has confirmed it will begin taking delivery of its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft next year.

The carrier is set to welcome the first 787-9 into its fleet at the beginning of next year, with a further nine Dreamliners following by 2028 as part of the airline’s fleet modernization programme.

The new aircraft will gradually replace Austrian’s six Boeing 777 and three 767 aircraft.

The layout of the 787-9s has yet to be confirmed – the carrier said that the aircraft “will be transferred gradually from Lufthansa Airlines respectively from existing orders of the Lufthansa Group”.

Lufthansa took delivery of its first Boeing 787 in August last year – one of five 787-9s joining the German carrier having originally been destined for Hainan Airways.

Lufthansa receives its first B787 Dreamliner

Austrian Airlines CEO Annette Mann said that the impending 787 deliveries showed the carrier was “setting course for growth”, while CCO Michael Trestl commented:

“The ‘Dreamliner’ is living up to its name. We are happy that our guests will be able to enjoy the new travel comfort as of the expected maiden flight next summer.”