Iberia and British Airways are both set to change the way their loyalty members earn Avios through flying, moving away from the current model of Avios earning being linked to the distance flown.

From this month Iberia Plus members will earn Avios according to the number of Euros spent with the carrier, with entry level Clasica members receiving five Avios per €1 spent, and elite tier members earning eight Avios per €1 spent.

The number of Avios earned will be calculated on net spending, including ancillary purchases and carrier imposed charges, but excluding taxes and fees.

No changes are being made to the accrual of Elite tier points.

Iberia also confirmed in a press release that “sister airline British Airways also intends to adopt this model at a later date”, and included the following quote from Ian Romanis, head of retail and customer relationship management at British Airways:

“We congratulate our colleagues at Iberia for introducing this change and we look forward to joining them in 2023. More announcements will follow about what this change will mean for our Executive Club programme, which will unlock even more opportunities for our Members to earn Avios when they fly.”

At this stage no details have been given as to when British Airways Executive Club members can expect the move to earning per £1 spent will be made next year, nor what rates different tier members can expect to earn.

Iberia said that the “ways of travelling have changed and the Iberia Loyalty Programme wants to adapt accordingly”.

The carrier also noted that the new model will enable members to earn Avios on ancillary services including seat selection.

“We think this is a more fair and transparent way to reward our more loyal members, with a model that they have been requesting for some time and which is also more in line with other industry loyalty programmes”, said Silvia Morán, Iberia’s client loyalty director.

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