Outside London Dubai-based Emirates clearly finds Manchester its most important UK destination.

I say that because from October 30 Emirates will restore its Manchester schedules to their pre-pandemic level.

So from that date all three daily Emirates flights to and from Manchester will be operated by the A380 super jumbo.

Currently there are two daily A380 services from Manchester. From October 1 a third service will be added – a B777, and then from October 30 that B777 flight will be upgraded to an A380.

The timings from October 30 (for the third service) are:

  • EK 21 Dubai-Manchester 0240-0645
  • EK 22 Manchester-Dubai  0850-1950

Why has Manchester proved such a success for Emirates ?

There are several reasons.

One is Manchester’s large catchment area which extends as far north as Scotland and as far south as the West Midlands.

Then there are the large number of northern travellers bound for destinations to and though Dubai.   For example, Asia, Australia, Africa plus the Middle East region.

Yes they could choose British Airways via Heathrow but as we all know BA’s schedules are not as robust as they should be right now.

Finally Manchester is one of the very few regional airports with its own rail station boasting both short- and long-distance trains.

We have contacted Emirates for further details and await a response.