Ordinarily I would not report such a minor route.

But what Easyjet is doing here is of interest to all of you who fly between the Northwest and Belfast.

I was first aware of this route, which starts on July 1, by schedule analysist @SeanM1997.

I then checked with easyjet.com and sure enough the flights are open for booking.

Sean has provided the schedules so I won’t repeat them but as can be seen there will be six flights a week operated by Airbus jets.

What is interesting is that Easyjet, until now a loyal customer of Belfast International, is switching its attention to Belfast City.

Readers who know the two airports can testify that the latter is far more convenient for downtown Belfast.

Belfast City has successfully wooed both Emerald Airlines and Flybe which will be using its facility for their operations to the UK mainland.

Belfast City airport announced as second base for returning Flybe

At the time of writing Easyjet’s service from Liverpool is seasonal and it remains to be seen whether or not it will be extended into the winter months.

Easyjet will have a monopoly on this particular route (unless a rival appears before July).

Maybe Easyjet is ‘putting a toe in the water’ to see how well this route fares.

I say that because Easyjet will continue to operate several times a day between Liverpool and Belfast International.