Easyjet has published an update on its face mask rules, which are set to be removed on some flights from this Sunday.

The carrier said that “Following the removal of mandatory mask wearing in a number of countries, we have reviewed our mask policy onboard and have taken the decision that, from March 27, 2022, on flights where masks are no longer legally required at both ends of the route, we will not mandate customers and crew to wear masks onboard the flight”.

It means that passengers will no longer have to wear masks on UK domestic flights (including Jersey but excluding Scotland where restrictions currently still apply), as well as on routes to Denmark, Gibraltar, Iceland and Hungary.

Easyjet added that “We aim to progressively remove the requirement on other international routes as and when both ends of the route has no legal requirement”.

For now it means that Easyjet customers on the majority of the carrier’s international routes will still be required to wear face masks inflight, and the airline urged European governments to adopt “a coordinated approach on the removal of the requirement where possible, to make it easy and clear for customers”.

“As a pan European airline operating between over 30 countries, we must continue to ensure that we and our customers follow the legal requirements of all the countries we fly to,” Easyjet said in a statement.

“This means when flying to or from countries where mask requirements remain in place, we will follow the relevant legal requirements”.

Information will be provided to customers onboard detailing specific mask requirements for their flight, and the carrier also stressed that while face masks will no longer be mandatory on certain flights, “Any customers or crew who wish to continue wearing a mask will of course have their personal choice respected”.

The UK government removed the remaining Covid-19 travel restrictions earlier this month, including the Passenger Locator Form and arrivals testing, and airports including Heathrow have also dropped the mandatory wearing of face masks.

Heathrow removes face covering mandate