Skyteam has confirmed that newly founded Italian flag carrier ITA Airways has joined its alliance.

ITA launched operations on October 15, following the closure of its predecessor Alitalia, and last week signalled its intentions to join Skyteam.

ITA Airways unveils livery and signals plan to join Skyteam

Alitalia had been a member of the alliance since 2001, and Skyteam’s chairman Walter Cho said that “For more than 20 years, the Italian market has been a cornerstone of Skyteam’s European network and no other airline alliance connects Italy better to the world”.

“We warmly welcome ITA Airways’ decision to join our alliance and ensure continuity of service for the millions of customers who choose Skyteam as their preferred alliance to Italy,” added Cho.

The alliance also confirmed that it has “agreed with Alitalia Loyalty to continue the partnership that will enable the six million members of the Mille Miglia frequent flyer program to earn and redeem miles on selected Skyteam members’ flights, offering a wealth of opportunities and exclusive services”.

Meanwhile ITA said that it was working with the alliance and its member carriers to roll out Skyteam-branded benefits including priority airport services.

“Joining Skyteam is a natural step, enabling us to continue to deliver a global network and seamless experience that customers flying to and from Italy expect,” said Alfredo Altavilla, executive chairman of ITA Airways.

“We look forward to close cooperation with our Skyteam partners to support the start-up of our company, the Italian flag carrier.”,