Indigo has commenced operations from Bareilly.

The low-cost carrier has launched flights connecting Bareilly with Bengaluru and Mumbai. Bareilly is the airline’s 68th domestic destination.

Flight Schedule: 

Flight No. Departure Arrival Time of departure Time of arrival Frequency
6E 0828 Mumbai Bareilly 0925 1130 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
6E 5304 Bareilly Mumbai 1230 1440 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
6E 6521 Bengaluru Bareilly 0840 1130 Monday, Wednesday,  Saturday
6E 6522 Bareilly Bengaluru 1230 1520 Monday, Wednesday  Saturday

The new non-stop connections will augment the commercial opportunities not only in Bareilly, but the city is also expected to become a gateway for nearby destinations like Nainital, Ranikhet, and Rudrapur.

Sanjay Kumar, chief strategy and revenue officer, Indigo said:

“The launch of our flight operations from Bareilly marks the progress on our plan to connect seven key regional destinations in the country this year. Bareilly has always been special as it was identified as one of the 100 smart cities being developed in India, making it a promising hub for IT/ITeS services.

“Enhanced connectivity will promote trade and commerce while offering support in realising the vision for Bareilly as it progresses towards a smart future. Bareilly, a sacred city located at the foothills of Nainital, Ranikhet and Kumaon region, will also attract domestic and international tourists via direct connectivity from Mumbai and Bengaluru”.