To fill its empty seats Lufthansa has devised a seating product branded Sleeper’s Row. It consists of a row of three or four seats for one passenger.

It will be launched on August 2 and will be offered on long-haul flights of 11 hours or more.

In other words it would cover destinations (subject of course to any travel restrictions at the time) such as: US West Coast, Central and South America, South Africa or the Far East.

A per flight fee of Euros 159 to Euros 229 is payable.

But crucially Lufthansa is limiting this product to a maximum of three rows and, crucially advance reservations are not possible.

So its availability will be on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Lufthansa says “we tested the Sleeper’s Row on the Frankfurt-Sao Paulo-Frankfurt route over a period of several weeks at the end of last year.

“The offer received much positive feedback and it was in high demand.”

Lufthansa trials lie-flat economy seat product

Glancing at the tweet above it might appear Lufthansa is emulating Air NZ (Air New Zealand) with its well-known Skycouch.

In reality Skycouch is an improvement although at a higher price. Skycouch’s other advantage is that it can also be booked and ticketed in advance. (International travel to New Zealand is very restricted at the present time).

To my mind the two drawbacks with Sleeper’s Row is that it is limited to three rows and that it cannot be pre-booked.

One wonders whether or not Lufthansa will continue to offer Sleeper’s Row when travel returns to normal and airlines regain their high occupancy levels.