In previous months we have run several reports about the three rail services linking Central London (Paddington) with Heathrow.

Today comes news of how the Elizabeth Line, otherwise known as Crossrail, will price its tickets.

As expected (based on current fare levels), the Elizabeth Line’s tickets will cost up to 50 per cent less than Heathrow Express (HEX).

The former, based on current Transport for London (TfL) prices, charges £11.10 peak, £10.40 off-peak, between Paddington and Heathrow Terminal 5.

HEX charges £22 or £25 normally – the lower fares are when booking ahead.

However according to the Evening Standard, a journey with the Elizabeth Line to the airport will cost over twice the price of a ride with TfL’s Piccadilly Underground line. The latter costs £5.30 peak, £3.30 off-peak.

What is clarified today is that the Elizabeth Line will be incorporated into TfL’s zones 1-6 system.

This means that travellers will (based on current fares) pay no more than £13.50 for a whole day’s travel within the London area. In other words travellers using the Elizabeth Line stand to make even greater savings compared to HEX.

The savings to Heathrow may not be so great elsewhere (in other words for those travelling through from the East and Southeast with the Elizabeth Line) as travellers from these areas will benefit from a much faster journey than is currently available.

The Elizabeth Line is expected to open in 2022. See the latest update here.

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