Readers will be aware that train manufacturer Alstom is currently assembling the next generation of TGVs.

Now both Alstom and SNCF have unveiled two proposed new liveries for the TGV-M (M stands for modular).

Industry publication IRJ (registration required) reports that both are a major departure from what other European operators feature on their high-speed trains.

The top livery is proposed by SNCF. IRJ says this features “a rainbow design and images of different travellers of all ages using the train. There’s a flurry of leaves. This is set against a backdrop of some of France’s most famous architectural sites.”

Alstom proposes the bottom livery. Says IRJ “it features a blue swirling ribbon running down the centre of the train interchanging with leaf-like shapes in a range of shades of green.”

Alstom also gave some background to the liveries in a press release last month, where it spoke of the results of a design competition, stating:

“Launched late September to create the lamination or coating of two trial trains, the event was also an opportunity for SNCF Voyageurs and Alstom to unveil the internal competition winners amongst 210,000 SNCF employees and Alstom France’s 12,500 employees.

“The two winners will be invited to participate in trials to be held in the Czech Republic and in France in 2022.”

SNCF has ordered 100 of these duplex TGV-Ms at a cost of €2.7 billion. The first of the TGV-Ms is set to enter service in 2024.

TGV-M is both as important for SNCF as it is for Alstom which will be marketing the train to overseas operators.

The launch in 2024 will coincide with the Paris Olympics when France will want to showcase the country’s best rail technology to a global audience.

In addition SNCF wants to encourage more customers to take a ‘green’ alternative for their domestic travels.

Nearest UK rail equivalent would be the Paragon trains operated by Hull Trains (these are fast trains but not high-speed).

Hull Trains debuts Hitachi-built Paragon trainsets

As you can see from this link they feature images of destinations along the Hull to London Kings Cross route. But it’s somewhat tame by comparison.

What do readers think of these new liveries for TGV-M?