Halo has become the first company to offer government-approved saliva-based Covid tests for mandatory Day 2 and Day arrivals testing.

The firm says that its saliva-based tests “remove the need for uncomfortable swabs in the throat and nose”.

The service costs £89 for the Day 2 test required for arrivals from Green list destinations, or £178 for the Day 2 and Day 8 test requirement for arrivals from Amber list destinations.

The price includes a door-to-door courier service, 24-hour test analysis from arrival at lab, and app-based results and verification.

A look on gov.uk at the long list of firms now approved to provide the tests shows prices varying wildly from the recently launched Eurofins £98.90 package, all the way up to nearly £600.

Commenting on the news Jonathan Biles, founder and chief executive officer at Halo, said:

“With our new Day 2 and 8 test service, we will provide British travellers with a painless, safe, reliable and cost-effective way to approach travel.

“We are seeing too many companies launch Covid testing services that take advantage of the British love of travel and then abuse that trust by delivering a second-rate service at inflated prices.”

“Our new Day 2 and 8 testing service will continue our relentless focus on quality. With a test success rate of over 99 per cent, our own first-class lab at Imperial College London and a UK based customer support team operating 24 hours a day seven days a week, we pride ourselves on offering the most complete, best-value testing service available.”

This link on the British Airways website provides a discount on Halo’s single saliva-based Covid-19 tests (bringing the price down to £74.76 per test).