Japan Airlines has announced trials of no less than three digital health platforms, with the aim of implementing “standardised digital health checks on the carrier’s international flights”.

JAL is working with Common Pass, Verifly and IATA Travel Pass across a variety of routes and dates, as carriers worldwide try to get to grips with differing technologies and country requirements.

The airline is trialling the Common Pass platform on selected flights from Japan to Honolulu and Singapore, which it says will “confirm the function of sending Covid-19 test results from Toho University Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Clinic (an approved Covid-19 testing facility by the State of Hawaii) to the Common Pass app”.

Secondly JAL is trialling the Verifly app on selected US routes, with a view to implementing the platform on North America routes from this month.

And finally the carrier plans to trial the IATA Travel Pass on selected international flights during May. JAL said that the trial would have several aims, including confirmation of the process of information verification at the airport counter.

The airline noted that Common Pass and the IATA Travel Pass “aim to become the industry standard for full implementation on a global scale”, while Verifly “is in practical use in the US, which allows the introduction of the platform on JAL international flights to/from the country”.

This week rival Japanese carrier ANA also announced a trial of the Common Pass platform.

ANA trials Common Pass digital health passport

JAL said that the purpose of the trials was to:

  • Introduce and expand worldwide the health credential platforms, which can display information on a customer’s digital device, including Covid-19 test results issued by medical institutions, and other entry requirement information for each destination
  • Achieve a contactless and seamless check-in process with health credential apps
  • Expand applicable situations, including clearing health quarantine processes with the usage of health credential platforms

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