Lufthansa has begun using the Common Pass digital health app on flights between Frankfurt and the US, allowing customers to receive their Covid-19 test results directly to their mobile device.

Passengers can use the app on all Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt to the US, as well as on feeder flights via Frankfurt from Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

The service is available for customers who have had their tests carried out by Lufthansa partner Centogene, with passengers downloading the Common pass app from the Android or IOS App Store, and then uploading their test results after receiving an access code from Lufthansa 72 hours before their departure.

The carrier said that the app “automatically compares the test certificates with the relevant current entry restrictions of the destination country and creates a travel certificate on this basis, provided it is a valid test document for the relevant destination”.

The certificate shows the test result, test method, validity period and an hour counter since the time of testing, with Lufthansa stressing that it “does not reveal any other personal health information”. Proof of vaccination will also be able to be saved to the app going forward.

Note that the carrier recommends that travellers continue to carry their original printed certificates with them when travelling “until further notice”.

As an incentive to use the app, the carrier is offering participating customers on flights to the US free access to the Senator Lounge at Frankfurt airport, between the hours of 0800 and 1245.

The introduction of the Common pass app on Lufthansa’s US flights follows a digital test certificate pre-check service which has been available to customers on certain flights since February.

Passengers can send their Covid-19 test certificates and confirmation of digital entry applications to a specially set-up Lufthansa Group Health Entry Support Centre, and will receive an email confirming whether the certificates meet entry requirements.

This service has now been extended to customers departing on flights from Palma de Mallorca to Germany. As previously reported, vacations are currently prohibited within Germany, bus citizens are free to travel overseas to Mallorca for their Easter holidays.