Ryanair has launched a new ‘Travel Wallet’ section of its mobile app, allowing customers to upload negative Covid-19 test results and vaccination certificates.

The carrier said that it was “confident” that the current rollout of the EU vaccination programme would allow travel restrictions to be lifted in time for the June to September school holiday period this summer, and said that the Covid-19 Document Holder or ‘Travel Wallet’ would enable passengers to have their documentation to hand in one place, making it easier to present at the airport.

A growing number of airlines have signed up to trials of digital health passport apps including the IATA Travel Pass, the Verifly app and AOK Pass, but Ryanair has chosen to go its own way with a more simple system allowing customers to manually upload and store relevant documents.

Several countries have announced plans to allow vaccinated travellers to visit their destination in the coming months, although it’s not clear in all cases what form of vaccine verification would be needed to permit travel.

Which countries are accepting vaccinated travellers?

Commenting on the news Dara Brady, Ryanair marketing director, said:

“We are delighted to launch the Ryanair Covid-19 Document Holder as we prepare for the return of family vacations this summer. Many of our clients will be going on vacation for the first time in over a year and will have to comply with the new travel guidelines.

“Thus, this Covid-19 Document Holder allows customers to keep all their coronavirus-related documents (PCR test results, passenger location forms or vaccine certificates) in one place without having to worry about paperwork.

“Ryanair’s 2021 summer calendar is now on sale, subject to changes in travel restrictions adopted by governments. Furthermore, we expect that once Europe’s high-risk / elderly population is vaccinated in late May or June, travel restrictions will be relaxed and air travel will experience a rebound in pent-up customer demand.

“This will cause European families to travel again to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation on the beaches of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece. We are looking forward to welcoming our customers and their families on board during the summer season.”

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