Plaza Premium Group has collaborated with global digital platform DragonPass to introduce lounges at China’s major high-speed railway stations.

Plaza Premium is known for operating lounges across 35 major international airports, but has extended its services to the rail sector to “raise a new benchmark of hospitality”. It has partnered with DragonPass to launch the initiative, a global digital platform that provides a range of premium travel services including lounge access, limousine transfer, fast-track access, and valet parking among other amenities.

The DragonPass x Plaza Premium Lounge debuted at Changsha South High-Speed Railway Station at the end of January, and will be followed by two additional railway lounges in the nation’s top-tier travel hubs, with “further details to be announced in due course”.

The inaugural lounge serves a transit hub which links major cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Shanghai, and records 5.5 million passengers monthly. The 700 sqm facility can accommodate up to 290 guests and is located on the ground level of the Changsha South High-Speed Railway Station, with a décor that “embodies subtle elements of Changsa’s heritage” with “accents of red that symbolise fortune and prosperity”. The lounge features a nursing room, a playroom for kids, comfortable seating and dining areas.

Guests are also offered a contactless dining experience via the Smart Order system, with all meals ordered from a smartphone app and individually portioned and pre-packaged. The lounge is open daily from 0630 to 2200 and is complimentary for DragonPass members – other passengers will have to pay RMB88 (US$13.60) for a two hour experience. There is also a section of lounge space dedicated to support those in need, with seating free of charge.

Song-Hoi-see, Founder and CEO of Plaza Premium Group, commented:

“Extending our global hospitality experience of over 20 years and award-winning lounge services beyond airports is a game-changing opportunity for us. The strategic partnership with DragonPass represents a milestone for us to explore a new territory in travel. Passenger traffic of high-speed railway in China have skyrocketed in recent years and even more so post pandemic, high-speed railway is an alternative way of travel for many in China and we look forward to bringing our world-class hospitality across the region.”

Cai Ke Hui, Founder of Dragon Pass Company Limited, added:

“In the unordinary year of 2020, we discovered the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. With the rapid development and expanding network, high-speed railway will become an essential means of transport for affluent travellers. Despite the pandemic, we see bright prospect on the development of high-speed railway in China, we believe 2021 will be a milestone year for high-speed rail travel experience. By partnering with Plaza Premium Lounge, the award-winning industry leader in airport hospitality, we hope to take high-speed rail hospitality to the next level with our shared vision, consolidated expertise and resources, to deliver service excellence and create seamless, convenient and quality travel journeys.”;