Indigo has upgraded its “plan B” options on the website and mobile app, in order to provide hassle-free services to its customers.

The new additional option will allow a customer whose connecting flight has been cancelled, to either rebook partially – i.e., from origin until transit station or from transit station to destination – or take refund for the unused sector.

This enhancement offers greater flexibility to customers in case of limited options, delays or cancellations, especially owing to fog or other adverse weather conditions.

“We are pleased to update our Plan B options for connecting flights. This additional alternative will allow customers to rebook or refund a part of their journey as per availability, offering more flexibility and choice. It will certainly help customers in situations of extreme weather conditions, wherein the chances of flights getting delayed or cancelled increase. We strive to keep adding new ways to offer hassle-free travel experience to our customers, on-board our lean clean flying machines,” says William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, Indigo.