As per a few industry reports, Thailand’s popular island destination Phuket is set to reopen on October 1, 2020.

Business Traveller India spoke to Cholada Siddhivarn, director, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai office to get more clarity and insights on the same.

“The governing body of Thailand is working hard towards preparing the nation for reopening, especially the tourism sector. Phuket, in particular, has great potential to attract tourists once again. However, there is no official confirmation yet on when the destination will restart complete travel operations,” said Siddhivarn.

Currently, Thailand has reopened borders for select categories of residents and international travellers. These include Thai nationals; individuals who were invited by the prime minister or authorities responsible for the emergency; foreigners with residency rights in Thailand; foreigners and their carers seeking non-Covid-19 medical treatment in Thailand and the staff of embassies, consulates, international organisations or representatives of foreign governments who have to carry out their mission in Thailand as allowed by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Commenting on the safety aspect, Siddhivarn said, “Thailand is now a safe country. People within Thailand are well aware of the health and hygiene protocols of the country. Although, whenever the government and the private sector decide to reopen the travel and tourism sector, they will have to make sure that the locals are comfortable with it.”