Abu Dhabi carrier Etihad Airways has announced more destinations will be available on its July network.

Earlier in the month, the carrier said that flights would be resumed to 40 international destinations as of July.

Now, the airline has announced that its network would expand to 50 destinations as of July 16, in a statement on its website. New destinations announced include Athens, Colombo and Hyderabad.

On its website, a one-way ticket is available from Abu Dhabi to Colombo from July 1 for AED1,444. A single ticket to Athens is bookable for AED2,514 from 24 June, dropping to AED1,904 by July 1.

The current July network map can be found here and is listed below:

Middle East: Amman, Bahrain, Cairo, Kuwait, Muscat and Riyadh.

Asia: Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Chennai, Cochin, Colombo, Delhi, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Jakarta, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur, Lahore, Manila, Moscow, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Geneva, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Manchester, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Munich, Paris and Zurich.

North America: Chicago, New York and Toronto.

Australia: Melbourne and Sydney.