American carrier Delta said it is sanitising every flight at every Delta airport using electrostatic sprayers.

The airline said electrostatic spraying “provides a safe and effective way to thoroughly clean an aircraft cabin from floor to ceiling” that will be sprayed on surfaces such as seats, seat-back screens, armrests, tray tables, doors, lavatories and galleys throughout the aircraft interior. These sprayers electrically charge and disperse liquid disinfectant in a fine mist, Delta added.

It is the latest airline to push its cleanliness to reassure flyers.

Airlines emphasise cleanliness and hygiene in fight against coronavirus

Delta began using electrostatic sprayers to sanitise aircraft cabins on US-bound flights from Asia in February. Carriers such as Air Canada, United and Southwest Airlines have also starting using electrostatic spraying to disinfect aircraft.

Delta said following the sanitisation process, cleaning crews complete a checklist of cleaning procedures using this disinfectant to wipe down personal and common areas of the cabin.

The Georgia-based carrier said it is also sanitising Reservation Centers, employee work and break areas in airports, pilot and flight attendant lounges, and office spaces using this same procedure.

“Providing a clean and healthy flying experience goes beyond meeting customer expectations, it’s part of our commitment to safety,” said Eric Phillips, senior vice president of airport customer service and cargo.

“Our customers can fly with confidence knowing that, on every Delta flight, the cabin has been sanitised top to bottom, interior surfaces and common areas have been thoroughly cleaned and Delta team members have confirmed the aircraft meets our cleanliness standards before boarding ever begins,” he added.