Aer Lingus has been criticized for running a flight from Belfast to London with no social distancing.

In photos circulated by passengers, the busy flight has many rows with all six seats occupied in a 3-3 configuration.

There are also comments from passengers saying they received little advice on social distancing, although what that advice might usefully have been when the flight was almost full is unclear.

In response Aer Lingus said in a statement

“In light of the unexpectedly high loads on the Belfast – London Heathrow service this morning and the level of demand for the route, Aer Lingus is reviewing its processes and procedures applicable to the operation of this service.

“The safety and security of Aer Lingus’ customers and crew is our top priority and any process changes that are identified as being required will be implemented as a matter of urgency.”

Aer Lingus is not the only airline having problems imposing social distancing.

These flights show the difficulties airlines will have in imposing any form of social distancing on flights, and with criticism from many in the airline industry about its effectiveness.