Authorities at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport have revealed their plans to operate all commercial passenger flights from Terminal 3 once the lockdown is lifted.

According to Press Trust of India, entry gates, self-check-in machines and check-in bays will be allocated to airlines in order to avoid overcrowding by passengers.

The airport plan states that passengers of Vistara and Indigo will enter the airport through gates one and two only. Both airlines will have check-in rows A, B and C among them, it said.

Air Asia India and Air India passengers will use entry gates three and four. These passengers will then go to rows D, E and F. The airline staff would be present to assist all passengers.

Spicejet and Goair passengers will enter through gate five towards the staff of these two airlines at rows G and H for check-in. Passengers of all other domestic airlines will enter through gate five and will head to row H.

All international airlines’ passengers shall enter the airport using gates six, seven and eight.

Currently, India is under the lockdown until May 17. Hence, all commercial and international flights have been suspended during this period.