The British High Commission in Australia has issued advice for UK citizens struggling to get home from the country.

It highlighted Qatar Airways, which has added numerous flights from Australia to Doha, and increased capacity from Doha to London, as the easiest option for flights.

Customers can use this link and the code TAKEMEHOME for a 10 per cent discount on their ticket.

It also said Malaysia Airlines will run flights to the UK from Melbourne on April 2, Sydney from April 3 and Perth from April 7.

British Airways is running flights with a fuel stop in Singapore until April 8, however passengers cannot disembark during the long journey, and there is limited availability.

The High Commission said: “We know cost is still an issue, but looking ahead to this weekend and next week the cost of flights is beginning to fall.

“If you need to get home, please do not wait for potential repatriation flights.

“Commercial flights remain the best way back to the UK. We continue to work with the airlines to encourage lower prices and refunds for cancelled tickets”.

British travellers in Australia can register their details here to notify the High Commission of their whereabouts and receive the latest information.

The Foreign Office announced yesterday that it would charter rescue flights for Britons stuck overseas in countries that now have flight bans in place.

UK Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps told the BBC today:

“It’s a country by country approach. People will learn about the flights in coming days and weeks.

“We will go to a country, try to give warning of that rescue flight, encourage booking through a booking channel via the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and encourage them to book, giving priority to the old and vulnerable in situations where there are a lot of people.

“They will book through the travel management company that the government has put in place.”

See more information here.