Enhancing network between Vietnam and India, Vietjet has announced three new direct routes connecting Da Nang, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with New Delhi and Mumbai.

The Da Nang – New Delhi and Hanoi – Mumbai routes will commence operations from May 14, 2020 with a frequency of five flights per week and three flights per week respectively.

Flights on Ho Chi Minh City – Mumbai sector will be functional four days a week from May 15, 2020.

Flight schedule:

Flight No. Departure Arrival Time of Departure Time of Arrival Frequency
VJ831 Da Nang New Delhi 1815 2130 Daily except Tuesday and Saturday
VJ830 New Delhi Da Nang 2250 0520 Daily except Tuesday and Saturday
VJ907 Hanoi Mumbai 2020 2330 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
VJ910 Mumbai Hanoi 0035 0655 Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
VJ883 Ho Chi Minh City Mumbai 1955 2330 Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
VJ884 Mumbai Ho Chi Minh City 0035 0725 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Commenting on this network expansion, Vietjet vice president Nguyen Thanh Son says, “With just over five hours of flight time per leg, and a convenient flight schedule throughout the week, Vietjet’s newest routes between Vietnam and India will create many more trade and tourism opportunities between the two countries, helping to boost the economies of both.