The second phase of the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Charity Auction kicks off today, with a whole new array of packages up for grabs until December 31, 2019 – so be sure to get your bids in before it’s too late!

Having kicked off at the beginning of November, the auction will be conducted in three one-month-long phases, each offering a different selection of items for readers to bid on. The third and final phase will begin on January 1, 2020 and wraps up on January 31.

As Business Traveller Asia-Pacific enters its 14th year of association with CHF, we are proud that our efforts, and those of our many partners in the hotel and airline industries, are making a real difference to the lives of so many young people in China.

Over the past 17 years, CHF has fulfilled a long-running commitment to provide educational sponsorship and psychosocial support to AIDS-impacted children in China, from primary school through to university. In spite of the large number of students spread over a vast geographic area, Chi Heng doesn’t use intermediaries, preferring to disburse funds for the children directly through its own staff and volunteers. This pragmatic approach has ensured quality and continuity within the programme.

As of July 2017, CHF had cumulatively sponsored over 26,000 students from AIDS-affected families, and more than 4,000 have graduated from universities since 2002. CHF is the largest and longest running nongovernmental operation in China providing comprehensive assistance to AIDS-impacted children.

In addition to formal education, CHF also supports vocational training and runs psychosocial programmes for the children. In spite of the challenges, CHF has built more than 28 reading rooms in China this year, 16 of which were built with the support of Business Traveller. All proceeds raised from the charity auction go to CHF.

To place bids you will need to register on the website and create a new account. Readers with a login will still need to register separately on the auction website.

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For the Asia-Pacific and China auction all payments will be by cheque or credit card in US$. For full terms and conditions, including the bidding process and payment for prizes, click here.