New York bound travellers will soon be able to reference information on the city’s transit system on the Lyft app, as well as use a special code to arrange ride-sharing pickups at LaGuardia International Airport.

Bloomberg News reports that Lyft will soon add  information on New York City’s transit system to its app, including locations of nearby subway and bus stations and real-time arrival updates for trains.

The information will appear alongside location information for Lyft’s Citi Bike service.

“Lyft’s mission is to provide the world’s best transportation, and that definitely includes public transit,” said Lilly Shoup, the company’s senior director of transportation policy.

Separately, Lyft is instituting a programme at LaGuardia airport where passengers will head to a specific pickup location and show a PIN code to verify their ride, TechCrunch reports.

Once the code is verified, passengers will be directed to the first available Lyft vehicle rather than waiting for a specific driver to arrive.

The system works in a fashion similar to a traditional taxi line, and could be replicated at other airports if successful, Lyft officials said.