Ride-sharing company Lyft has tweaked its app to allow information on rides taken by business travellers to be shared with corporate travel managers.

Following on the heels of the launch of Lyft for Business in 2016 and in-app integration with seven expense-management companies – ConcurExpensifyChrome RiverCertifyNexoniaZoho ExpenseAbacus and Xpenditure – in 2017, Lyft announced that it has streamlined the process of tracking business-related trips.

Business travellers can now enter an expense code before they book a Lyft, which will automatically generate and send a receipt to their employer and travel manager when the ride is completed. (In other words, no more need for travellers to save and submit printed receipts.)

Lyft will also provide monthly reports to travel managers with information on employees’ ride utilisation, cost of trips and routes taken – information that potentially can be used to better predict expenditures and perhaps find cost savings down the road. The information also can be used when billing expenses back to clients.