Scotland is all set to celebrate World Whisky Day on May 18 with a series of festivals.

Celebrations have already begun with events such as Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, Stirling Whisky Festival and The Highland Whisky Festival.

On May 18 the festivities take place from as far as Australia, China, and Columbia — There is a Whisky Show in Sydney, Irish Cottage Whisky Tasting in Fürth, Germany and World Whisky Day HK Celebration in Hong Kong among others.

Another event is the Edinburgh Whisky Stramash to be held on May 18 and 19. As a part of this, guests will be able to sample from over 100 varieties and participate in special experiences.

Enjoy scotch whisky experience in Edinburgh wherein you take a barrel ride,  followed by a tasting session from the world’s largest whisky collection. You can also go on a Speyside Malt Whisky trail and view highly-skilled coopers practising their ancient craft. 

Aneri Shroff