Louisville International Airport, recently rechristened Louisville Muhammad Ali International, could soon undergo a $100-million renovation, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

The proposed new terminal under consideration by airport officials would have modern architecture and more natural lighting than the existing terminal, which dates to the 1990s.

“More than anything, we’ve got an aging facility, and it’s needed a lot of work,” Dan Mann, executive director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority, said.

“We want to have that gateway to our community that has a lasting and favourable impression.”

Plans call for a new terminal with 24 jet bridges and moving walkways that would be built over the next five to six years. Parking areas and rental car facilities would also be relocated, and 1,000 parking spaces would be added to an airport that has experienced 12 per cent annual growth in passengers.

Changing the rental car location would put the facility on the same level as baggage claim.

The project would be funded by airport revenues, federal grant money, and operating reserve funds.