From the start of the summer season Kuwait Airways will increase its London Heathrow weekly flights from 10 to 13.

All Kuwait-London flights will be operated by B777-300ERs.

These new aircraft are three-class; first, business and economy. The latter is, unlike its Gulf rivals, configured nine-abreast (3-3-3).

The first two of the additional flights (now displayed on the carrier’s website) will commence from early April. The third extra service is set to commence in May.

At the time of writing all these flights will run throughout the summer season (when the Gulf locals depart for cooler climes).

It is unclear whether some may be extended into the winter season.

The two extra flights will operate every Monday and Wednesday. They will provide an overnight service from London with a teatime return from Kuwait.

Schedules are:

London Heathrow to Kuwait KU106 2220-0640 (following day)

Kuwait to London Heathrow KU105 1555-2035

The extra Saturday flight, whose timings remain unclear, is understood to launch in May.

Kuwait Airways hides its light under a bushel. No official announcement has yet been made to UK media. So you are first to read it.

Note that Kuwait Airways is a ‘dry’ airline.

Besides Kuwait itself, the airline provides a number of onward connections.

At this stage you may be asking how Kuwait Airways has been able to acquire these slots.

Well it’s rumoured that Monday and Wednesday slots are being leased from Philippine Airlines. It’s unclear regarding the Saturday slot but then it must be noted that Saturday is not Heathrow’s busiest day.