Aman has launched its first holistic wellness centre with integrative medical and wellness immersions at Amanpuri, Thailand.

The medical services are assessed by experts who also offer comprehensive diagnostic consultation. The medical offerings include Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Infusion Therapy; a personalised supplement plan; High Intensity Laser (HIL) therapy; radiofrequency therapy; ultrasound therapy; red-light therapy; chemical peel; cosmetic acupuncture and Ayurvedic therapies such as Shirodhara. Ancient healing techniques are used at the Amanpuri Holistic Wellness Centre.

The intensive wellness immersions at Amanpuri feature bespoke wellness treatments focussing on stress management, weight management, and detox. The immersions include daily spa treatments, private movement classes, specialist therapies and comprehensive nutritional plans.

The Holistic Wellness Centre also has a 12-suite Aman Spa with saunas, hydrotherapy areas, and a salon. Additionally, there is also a two-storey hilltop fitness centre with pilates studio, Muay Thai studio with a boxing ring and yoga pavilions