ForestCar, a car-sharing service that allows travellers to make money from renting out their vehicle while they are away, will launch on January 14 at Manchester Airport.

Car owners get free parking and receive 20 per cent of the rental cost if it is used. The price is set by ForestCar depending on the vehicle type.

Insurance is provided by pay-as-you-go fintech service Cuvva and cars are monitored with tracking technology.

ForestCar also provides a free airport transfer and car cleaning service on the owner’s return.

It will share the existing APH car park, where parking starts at £38.66 per week.

ForestCar was set up last year and Manchester is its first location.

The ForestCar website emphasises the scheme’s eco-credentials, saying the service will effectively take rental cars off the road and it will also invest 10 per cent of profits or 1 per cent of income (whichever is greater) in reforestation.

“By making car-sharing safe, we’re allowing airport visitors to turn car parking cost into income, whilst also benefiting the environment,” said ForestCar CEO Charlie Palmer.

“At ForestCar we don’t just want to disrupt the rental industry, we want to use sharing as a force for tackling climate change. We want to create a global community of travellers who share their cars and help restore rainforests.”

APH Managing Director Nick Caunter said that if the Manchester pilot proved successful, the airport parking company could extend ForestCar to its Birmingham and Gatwick locations.

More details on eligibility and terms are available here.