The UAE government has announced a 48-hour transit visa for passengers travelling to different destinations of the world via the United Arab Emirates.

Business and leisure travellers can utilise these 48 hours by indulging in some corporate, cultural and tourist attractions across the UAE­ — Passengers transiting through Sharjah can experience a range of traditional and modern activities. This includes a trip to the Al Noor Mosque that features an Ottoman-era style of architecture. Head to “Heart of Sharjah” to get an insight into the history of Sharjah. It is currently under restoration.

Other highlights you can explore during the 48 hours stay include a visit to Mileiha. Offering a stunning view of the sand dunes, this ancient site takes you on a journey through the historical relics of Bronze Age tombs and Islamic tombs.

Central Souq and Sahara Centre are two perfect spots for shopping in Sharjah.