If Japan’s reputable Nikkei.com is to be believed then we shall see British Airways operating between London and Osaka (Kansai) in Spring 2019.

The news was posted on Nikkei’s website in Japanese script.

British Airways has not yet released the news in the UK.  But in Japan it has revealed that it will be operating four flights a week from the Spring of next year.

No aircraft details have been revealed and neither has an exact start date been given, but it’s likely to be when the Summer schedules start at the end of March.

BA and JAL (Japan Airlines) used to operate the route between London Heathrow and Osaka many years ago.  The relaunched service (expected to depart London Heathrow) is expected to appeal both to business travellers and the increasingly number of European tourists now visiting Japan.

Currently travellers from the UK needing to reach Osaka must either change in Tokyo or route via mainland Europe (a few European carriers serve Osaka) or Seoul (Incheon).