Travellers to Malaysia flying with AirAsia can now convert any leftover Malaysian Ringgit they have at the end of their trip to credits that can be used for online shopping using a new app.

Named Worldkoins, the newly launched app can be used to get digital vouchers that can be used to make purchases on platforms such as Skype, iTunes, Google Play and Grab. Leftover ringgit can also be transferred to PayPal or donated to a selected charity, though all transactions are subject to a 15 per cent admin fee.

“It is usually very hard to exchange small amounts of currency at the money changers, and Worldkoins is a great avenue to help travellers use that leftover money in a more meaningful way,” said Martijn Langhout, one of the co-founders of Worldkoins.

The collaboration with AirAsia will run for six months, ending in April 2018. Transactions will be conducted on board select AirAsia (AK) flights departing Kuala Lumpur – the airline hasn’t specified exactly which flights will offer the service, though cabin crew will alert passengers as to the availability of the service.

Transactions are done via smartphone and an existing account is not required, as cabin crew will also assist travellers in registering.

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