Lifestyle brand Citizen M is set to launch properties in 15 cities worldwide by 2020.

Speaking to Business Traveller, chief marketing officer Robin Chadha said that the group has ambitious expansion plans in North America, Asia and Europe, following the launch of its third Paris property at Gare du Lyon.

In the US, the group has secured two properties in Los Angeles and another two in San Francisco, a second property in New York on the Bowery, one in Seattle, Boston and another in Washington DC, located between the national mall and the waterfront. A second site in Seattle and another in Miami are in the works but not yet confirmed.

In Europe, a new Amsterdam site will be the group’s fourth in the Netherlands, in addition to properties in Copenhagen, Geneva and Zurich. There are plans for another three in Paris, bringing the total up to six in the French capital. Chadha says: “We are looking in the German market, but we haven’t secured anything as of yet. We’re also looking in the major metropolises in Asia, as well as in Australia and Japan.”

In Asia, a site in Taipei opened in July, with Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur to join next summer. Commenting on the group’s growth strategy, Chadha said: “We’re not in the Middle East, we are not doing anything in South America, or Africa. We looked in those markets, we looked at South America very diligently and decided not to stretch ourselves too thinly as it’s challenging enough managing the markets that we are in.”

“By 2020, we plan to have 40 properties either open or under construction,” he added.

A loyalty scheme is also under development to offer members special access and exclusive experiences through partnerships with travel and lifestyle brands. It is on course to launch next year.

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