Uber and Lyft drivers at Los Angeles International airport are now allowed to pick up a new passenger as soon as they drop someone off at the terminal — a new policy designed to cut wait time for travellers and cut down on traffic congestion at the airport.

The airport’s Rematch initiative tweaks the airport’s policy of only allowing drivers to only pick up or discharge one passenger or group for each visit to the airport’s Central Terminal Area (CTA).

Under Rematch, drivers will receive a notification when they make a drop-off, as to whether there is another passenger awaiting pickup.

If no notification is received, the driver must depart the CTA before circling around for another pickup attempt.

“Traffic reduction is an essential part of improving the guest experience at LAX, and Rematch offers a new way to further reduce the amount of traffic in the CTA,” said Keith Wilschetz, Los Angeles World Airport’s deputy executive director for operations and emergency management.

“For the past month, Lyft and Uber have been fine-tuning Rematch ahead of the Labor Day weekend to ensure that our guests have the best experience they can in their travels to and from LAX, and we’re encouraged by the initial results.”

There will be no changes to the hailing process for Uber and Lyft passengers – other than the fact that they may have to wait less for a ride.

“We’re excited to work with LAX on this programme, which will reduce congestion, improve the passenger experience, and help drivers maximize their earnings,” a Lyft spokesperson said.