Does pizza make everything just a little bit better? United Airlines, which has had more than its share of customer-service woes, certainly seems to think so.

Travel Skills reported on June 15 that United plans to start selling Pizzeria Uno branded deep-dish pizza to economy passengers from July. A United spokesperson said North American passengers will have the option to purchase a spinach and garlic deep-dish Uno’s pizza for US$9.99.“It’ll be prepared and served in our skillet dish to help the cheese brown and keep the crust crispy,” said a spokesperson from Travel Skills, while a pizza-and-beer combo will cost US$13.99, with Miller Lite beer.

Deep-dish pizza originated in Chicago, where United’s headquarters is located.

In January, United began selling a US$12 cheeseburger in economy class, and it quickly became the best-selling item on its Bistro on Board menu. An airline spokesperson said that United sells more than 2,000 burgers on its flights each day. The burger comes with toppings that include lettuce, tomato, pickles, and condiments, and is accompanied by French fries.

United isn’t the only airline with burgers on board: Travel Skills states that Alaska Airlines has been selling Black Angus cheeseburgers on its Costa Rica, Cuba, and Mexico flights since at least 2014.