Proposed US regulations that would have required airlines to disclose fees for checked baggage alongside flight and fare information have been put on hold by the Trump administration.

As airlines continue to charge extra for various services once included in the price of a ticket — especially for checked luggage — the US Department of Transportation issued a proposed rule in the waning days of the Obama administration that would have required airlines to inform the public of all fees potentially associated with the ticket they purchase.

But the Trump administration announced this week that the public-comment period on the rule has been suspended, effectively putting the proposed regulations on hold, Travel + Leisure reported.

The Trump administration has rolled back a number of proposed regulations from the Obama administration, saying it wants to repeal two regulations for every one new rule implemented.

The industry group Airlines for America praised the decision, saying that the rules “would have allowed the government to dictate how airlines sell and distribute products and services” and interfered with the business relationship between airlines and their distribution agents.

Airlines “look forward to an era of smarter regulation that protects consumers from unfair practices, but does not step in when action is not warranted,” said Airlines for America president and CEO Nicholas E. Calio.