Passengers would pay on average only $8 per hour to shorten long haul travel according to research released by travel search engine Skyscanner.

The ‘Value of Time’ to air passengers was calculated using Skyscanner’s Travel Insight data tool. It also shows that passengers were willing to pay only $1-2 to reduce travel time on short duration trips.

The data for the findings comes from all global searches and exits on route pairings conducted for travel between June 2015 through to May 2016.  Skyscanner has 50 million monthly visitors, and the data collected includes pricing and route intentions.

Skyscanner analysed the top 100 most popular long-haul flight routes, plotting the durations of routes passengers booked against the price they paid for the flight to show the value they place on saving journey time.

The analysis, which also includes an interactive dashboard where the data can be drilled down on further, reveals that $8 is the average value passengers attribute to an hour of long-haul travel time saved. The data also shows how this value can vary per route, depending on a number of factors such as the duration of the trip, and whether it’s for business or leisure.

As part of the analysis, Skyscanner also picked 10 popular global routes which currently lack a direct non-stop connection, calculating the value of reducing time on those routes, and showing the potential opportunity for carriers to introduce direct flights.

On the Bahrain to Kuala Lumpur route for example, which is popular but has no direct route, passengers pay on average $26 per hour to shorten their journey. Meanwhile passengers flying between LA and Buenos Aires, where more choice from carriers exists, pay on average of $2 per hour saved, showing the value per route can vary significantly.

Head of Business Development for Skyscanner Analytics Faical Allou commented, “In this day and age, time is an increasingly valuable commodity. Looking into the value of reducing journey time involved in taking a flight, particularly a long-distance one, reveals interesting insights and shows that there are several factors involved in how much value passengers attribute to reducing travel time, such as whether the trip is for business or leisure, the length of the trip and the choice of carriers and itineraries on offer.”

*The following top 100 long-haul routes (between 6,000KM and 11,000 KM in distance) were used in the analysis:

LON-NYC             PAR-BKK              MUC-BKK            DUS-NYC

LON-DXB             MAN-NYC            LON-GOI              LON-WAS

LON-BKK              DUB-NYC             LON-CHI              DUB-BKK

MIL-NYC              MOW-CMB         IST-NYC DUB-SFO

LON-LAX              LON-CPT              LON-COK             LON-BJS

LON-ORL             LON-SFO              SAO-NYC             BRU-NYC

MAN-ORL            LON-HKT             SEL-PAR               LON-MAA

MOW-BKK           AMS-NYC             LON-NBO            LON-RIO

MAN-BKK            BHX-DXB              DXB-LON             LON-YVR

MAN-DXB            PAR-NYC              WAW-NYC          SYD-BKK

LON-MIA             MIL-MIA              BCN-BKK              LON-CUN

MOW-HKT           NYC-LON             DUB-DXB             LON-LVS

MAD-NYC            BCN-NYC             DUS-BKK              BHX-NYC

LON-YTO             MOW-NYC          LED-BKK               SEL-SYD

LON-BOM           ROM-BKK            ZRH-BKK              SEL-LAX

DUB-ORL             FRA-NYC              BER-NYC              ZRH-NYC

LON-CMB            IST-BKK BER-BKK              GLA-ORL

MIL-BKK               TLV-NYC              LON-LOS              MAN-LAX

FRA-BKK               SAO-MIA              ATH-NYC             SEL-LON

LON-HKG             BKK-LON              SIN-MEL              LON-ISB

LON-DEL              WAW-BKK           LON-AUH            DUS-MIA

ROM-NYC            LON-TYO             LON-LHE              GLA-NYC

AMS-BKK             LON-BOS             DUB-LAX              EDI-NYC

LON-JNB              HKG-LON             AMS-DXB             SEL-DPS

SIN-TYO               SAO-ORL              ROM-MIA            SEL-HNL