British Airways has added a Headspace video channel to its inflight entertainment on long-haul routes.

Headspace  was co-founded by former monk, Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson in 2010. It offers guided meditations, animations, and videos via its website and mobile app, teaching users the skills of mindfulness and meditation. Headspace is one of the top-ranking Health & Fitness apps on iTunes, with over seven million users in 190 countries.

The video channel helps passengers practice simple meditation and mindfulness exercises, with each exercise focussing on a different topic. Each is no more than 10 minutes long. Topics include

  1. An Introduction to Meditation – to improve anxiety, sleep, productivity and relationships
  2. Take10: A Guided Meditation – learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness
  3. For the Business Traveller – balance focus and relaxation to arrive refreshed and prepared
  4. Holiday – to leave worries and distractions behind
  5. Jet Lag – resets the mind and body clock to overcome jet lag and feel renewed and rebalanced
  6. For Anxious Travellers – soothe a racing mind to enjoy the journey
  7. For Parents – quiet the mind to continue the journey with renewed ease
  8. For Kids: A Calming Exercise – creating a moment of stillness and calm
  9. For Kids: A Happiness Exercise – encourages a sense of happiness

Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience, said: “We know our customers really value making the most of their time on our aircraft and the new Headspace channel on our in-flight entertainment system offers them a fantastic way to make their flight more fulfilling and relaxed. Our new partnership with Headspace means their specially curated content offers customers a range of guided meditations to unwind, de-stress and feel happier and more relaxed, all from the comfort of their aircraft seat, at 35,000 ft.”

For those who find the guides useful, the Headspace app can be downloaded direct to a smartphone or tablet through the App Store or via Google Play.