Reports in The Times newspaper today suggest that the chauffeur drive company used by Emirates airlines has criminal links.

The report which can be read here (subscription required) involves Professional Chauffeur Services (PCS) which provides chauffeur drive for Emirates passengers.

PCS is run by John Murphy. The Times says that earlier this year Murphy and three employees “were convicted of fraud for “clocking” cars on an industrial scale and now face custodial sentences. Murphy and his accomplices wiped at least seven million miles off the odometers of about 100 cars used to transport Emirates passengers. The gang did this in order to sell the cars at inflated prices “or return them to lease hire companies without paying penalties for extra mileage”.

Details of the case can be read in the Liverpool Echo.

In a statement to Business Traveller, an Emirates spokesperson said

“We take strong objection to the way in which The Times has reported this story which misrepresents the facts in a manner to defame Emirates.

“PCS has been serving our passengers since 2007 and currently handles around eighty five thousand trips a year, without any incident on record. As per our contractual agreement, all vehicles used for the Emirates Chauffeur-drive service must meet our high-quality standards and be less than two years old.

“As soon as our team was made aware of the outcome of this investigation, we have requested confirmation that the few convicted PCS employees are not involved with the Emirates account. Furthermore, we received assurance that all drivers who serve our passengers have no criminal record. PCS is duly insured and has a valid license to operate in the UK. Should PCS fail to meet Emirates’ high standards, for any reason, we will take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. The safety of our passengers is paramount and will not be compromised.”