As Typhoon Meranti approaches Taiwan today, China Airlines and Mandarin Airlines have adjusted their international flight schedules based on the typhoon’s movements.

A number of flight cancellations have been announced, and are listed as follows:

September 14:


Tainan–Hong Kong
AE981/986 Kaohsiung–Hong Kong
CI134/135 Kaohsiung–Sapporo
CI757/758 Kaohsiung–Singapore
CI947/948 Kaohsiung–Hong Kong
CI593/594 Kaohsiung–Chongqing
CI132/133 Kaohsiung–Okinawa
CI937/938 Kaohsiung–Hong Kong
CI308 Kaohsiung–Taoyuan


Meanwhile, flights that have been delayed are displayed below:

September 14:

CI712 Manila–Kaohsiung
CI165 Incheon–Kaohsiung
CI167 Osaka–Kaohsiung
CI103 Narita–Kaohsiung
CI948 Hong Kong–Kaohsiung

September 15:

CI102 Kaohsiung­­–Narita

Passengers are advised to check the China Airlines website or mobile app to receive the latest updates to their flights.

Business Traveller Asia-Pacific will update this space accordingly to provide up-to-date details of flight disruptions.