London Heathrow Airport has four terminals (Terminals 2 to 5), with British Airways (BA) operating mostly from Terminal 5.

Galleries Club Lounges here are located at the North and South wings, in Terminal 5A. (Galleries Club lounges correspond to business class lounges.)

Where is it?

Immediately after the security check-in Terminal 5A.

Who can access it?

Customers travelling in British Airways’ First, Club World or Club Europe; Executive Club Gold and Silver Members (plus one guest), oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members (plus one guest) can access this lounge.

What’s it like?

The British Airways logo at the entrance is unmissable, signalling you from afar.

Being welcomed by the smiling face of the staff is never a bad thing, especially when it’s before an early morning long-haul trip.

My boarding pass is scanned and I walk in; on my right are newspapers and magazines and on the left are some of the food counters (tea, coffee, crisps, cookies, wine and water).

The lounge is very large with ample seating areas featuring Osborne and Little-designed fabric. It is well lit with ample natural light flowing in through the large windows adjoining the tarmac. A few shower rooms are dedicated to passengers wanting to freshen up before their flights. There are large community tables, however, I head towards the high tables adjoining the window and facing the tarmac, where I take a seat. There are also lounge chairs around, but I choose the high tables as they offer more privacy.

I enjoy a cup of coffee with cookies as I look at some of the aircraft taxing around in front of me – an aviation geek’s paradise.

Charging points are easily found where I plug in my phone and marking my space, I check out the breakfast area.

Food and drink

A wide selection of hot and cold food is quite appealing, but I decided to opt for a light meal since I plan to eat on the plane as well.

There is a hot food area with pasta, baked beans, rice and curry; while the salad counter has a range of fresh vegetables and leaves with a few dressings.

There is a wide choice of bread and pastries, cold cuts and other breakfast items that make up my plate.

Verdict: Easy to find and access. Highly recommended for passengers wanting some quiet time in a luxurious space before their flight. Equipped with conveniences and a wide-array of food options.

Hours: 0530 to 2230

Location: Terminal 5A, London Heathrow Airport