China has implemented “Female Only” security lines at Beijing Capital International Airport, following a successful three-month trial.

The initiative was launched in an attempt to ease congestion, with the rationale that women slow down the security process due to having more bags and things like cosmetics that need to be inspected.

According to Chinese news outlet People’s Daily, since introducing the new service, Beijing Capital International Airport has noted improved efficiency by 25 per cent. One security officer also revealed that the new channel was 10 per cent more efficient than the common security and no-baggage channels.

The service has also been well-received by the public, with one female traveller telling People’s Daily: “We feel more comfortable when our coats and suitcases are checked by female security inspectors. I think this seems like a VIP service for women.”

The service has been extended to Shenzhen, Kunming and Wuhan.

Female passengers that wish to take advantage of the service should look out for bright pink signs that say “Female Only” in English and Chinese.

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Clement Huang