AirAsia sets up self check-in services

AirAsia has launched self check-in services enabling guests to check in for AirAsia and Air Asia x flights either through their website or through dedicated applications for smartphones. However, as a result of this service being rolled out, counter check ins will now be charged.

Passengers checking in through the website, which also consists of accompanying videos guiding users through the procedures, can do so from up to seven days before departure and opt to either print out their boarding passes or receive an SMS with a 2D barcode that can be scanned at the airport for their boarding passes.

There is also a mobile version of the website,, that can be accessed through wifi-enabled devices.

The carrier has also launched apps for Blackberry, iPhone and Android devices, offering the same self check-in services.

However, from September 21 onwards, each time a passenger checks in at the counters at all airports where the carrier operates, they will be charged a additional fee of RM10 (US$3). With the self check-in services, “check in at the counter will be an additional service and an ancillary fee will apply,” states the carrier. 

After accomplishing the procedure, passengers simply need to either drop off baggage at a dedicated counter or – for those without luggage – head straight to the document checking counter.

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Alisha Haridasani

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  • This is a paid service?
    I always used web check-in and mobile phone check-in (using low-end smartphone) in the past and they’re always free. So, when this RM10 charge be levied?
    I can’t find any information about the charges on AirAsia website either (as directed by the author) or
    It simply does not make sense when you have bought RM19 tickets all-inclusive but yet you have to pay RM10 to check-in!

  • Thank you mrspirow for pointing this out. Turns out there was a misunderstanding: checking in at counters will now be charged and this service is being provided as an alternative. The copy has been amended to reflect this. Thank you.

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