First look: Thai Airways A380 interior

Thai Airways has released a YouTube video showing the interiors of its forthcoming A380 superjumbo.

The seven-minute video shows the seating layout, toilets and bars throughout both decks of the aircraft, with highlights including a “multi purposes area” in first class featuring seats and tables.

There are also self-service bars in both Royal Silk Class (business) and Royal First Class, with both premium cabins being located on the upper deck of the superjumbo.

The carrier has also released details of the seating products in economy, business and first class. Thai’s A380 will feature an all-economy lower deck, with an upper deck offering 12 first class and 60 business class seats, followed by a smaller economy cabin at the rear. There will be a total of 435 economy seats across the two decks, the most offered by an A380 operator so far.

For more details on the seat pitch, width and recline in each class, click here, and for a comparison of the six airlines currently operating the A380, click here.


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  • Sadly, TG have yet again missed an opportunity to upgrade their products and come out with something innovative. Shame. They’ll be going from 34″ inch pitch in Y down to 32″ inch pitch. At least they finally will have lie flat (180) beds in business class.

    Overall, I’m slightly underwhelmed.

  • It seems like the article is wrong. If you look carefully the end of the video @6:58; when walking up the rear stairs to the upper lever, you can clearly see a Y section, at the back of the rear floor. Just like on Singapore and Air France.

  • Thank you for your comment mokevFrance – having examined the video again, you are correct, there is indeed an economy cabin at the rear of the upper deck.

    We have amended the copy above accordingly, and will try and find out the figures (in terms of the number of economy seats on the upper and lower deck) from Thai Airways, and post any response here.

  • to peterRobinson:

    why do you say that we might see an end to the 747’s. The 747 program has just released a new 747, the 747-8, which is longer and faster than the a380. Also the a380 is so big, that many airlines (Qantas) has had to push the airplanes limits just to make it be on time that an engine has blown out. The new 747-8 is better for the environment and does not need as much fuel. The 747’s are born to fly and the a380’s are born to die. “If it aint boeing, I aint going.

  • After watching the video, i feel that it is a nice cabin and all but i feel that there are too many seats. it has too many economy seats and i feel that it is overwhelming. the new 747-8 is a new sleek, fast aircraft and would be a better fit if airlines would just see its potential.

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