Virgin “in talks” with Lufthansa over Bmi

Virgin has confirmed it is in talks with Lufthansa over the future of Bmi, according to reports on the BBC news website.

Branson said in a statement that the talks “may or may not lead to an agreement”, and added that a tie-up between Virgin and Bmi “would make us a stronger competitor to British Airways than we are today”.

The move follows Lufthansa’s purchase of a 50 per cent stake in Bmi from Sir Michael Bishop in October, bringing its ownership of the airline to 80 per cent (see online news October 29).

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  • This is hardley breaking news especially since SAS CEO Mats Jansson confirmed this talks last month when he confirmed that SAS is currently waiting on the outcome of discussions between Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic over BMI before agreeing any sale of the 20% owned by SAS.

    Now it would be breaking news if Virgin actualy get’s the hands on BMI (or part of BMI) but I think that that chances are slim.

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