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  • Poshgirl58

    Having experienced many flights between Greece and the UK, my main gripe is toilet paper disposal in aircraft toilets. Just because the Greek plumbing can’t cope, it’s no excuse to throw used paper on the floor, just because there isn’t an obvious disposal bin. Then I was in the ladies at my local a few days later and thought the same passengers were there too!

    Best one I can recall wasn’t on a flight. It was the first company I worked at and staff were still allowed to smoke in the offices. Corridors had been newly carpeted. Followed one of the accounts clerks who finished his cigarette, then stubbed it out on the carpet. The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself. His response “I’ll do what I like as I didn’t pay for it”


    I thought that I was just an out of date old fart since I am constantly rendered close to apoplexy by the total lack of manners/consideration for others/respect for surroundings and general naffness so common everywhere. Apparently I am thankfully not alone in this..


    “Oddly Indian couple changed a baby in the Wing HKK on the sofa.”

    That’s better than on the table, as I witnessed in HKG.


    All of the posts to date are a sad reflection of people trumpeting ” I am entitled” and/or ” I know my rights” forgetting of course their all important responsibilities.

    For years governments and the like have been extolling ” it´s not your fault” and the result is a rapid decline in standards, more specifically discipline , respect, values and and standards.

    I have been in Singapore since 2000 and whilst there are somethings that irritate me, I am pleased to see the “bleeding heart society” is notable by its absence.

    To some the tough judiciary is too harsh, to others it is simply stay within the law and you will be fine and be respectful of other people. I

    have and will continue to confront miscreants as in the posts above and have found a polite yet assertive stance invariably gets a positive response


    I agree with everyone, it always amazes me what normally rational people will do when they are ‘abroad’ or travelling. And it seems worse in Dubai. I have often related the obnoxious British Ex-PAT incident on EK in J class where a nappy was changed on the tray table whilst I was trying to eat lunch, and the crew refused to challenge.

    Living here in the Sandpit I have seen some of my fellow British Ex-Pat at their worst, and believe me the ‘ladies’ can be fierce.

    A joke here is you can always take the Essex Girl/Bloke, Geordie Bird/Bloke, Valley Commando etc. out of their habitats but you cannot change them. Also it is not just the Brits, to listen to nationals of The Former Virginia Colonies (too loud), the former Jewel In the Crown (DYNWIA, Listen fellow I have money) always amuses me. Sometimes staff out here challenge bad behavior and well done, but often they are afraid of losing jobs.

    A good example is the Towers Rotana Hotel, when you book for dinner you are lectured on the dress code, long trousers, no T shirts, closed shoes. And what happens you turn up and there is some oik in shorts , flip-flops and T shirt. When you ask the manager why, all you get is a shrug and ‘he is a guest or He is from a rich family’

    However a light in the firmament is the new Hotel Queen Elizabeth 2.

    This last weekend the better half was visiting and we decided to try out the Grand Old Lady (although with a bit of Botox) for a night of dine and sleep during the soft opening period.

    If anyone is interested I will post about the ship and what they are doing.

    We booked in the Queens grill, the website and information states smart casual. So we turned up, normal Friday night for dinner so no special occasion and to be honest every diner had made an effort, some wearing jacket and ties and some ladies in long dresses but no one in jeans, sneakers or even polo shirts.

    The entertainment was at the entrance, we were held up being seated by a loud obnoxious Indian Gent with wife and two offspring being refused entry by the restaurant manager, he dressed in shorts, sandals, t shirt, son in the most recent Nike Sneakers I imagine, baseball shorts and scruffy T shirt, wife and daughter seemingly no effort. he was creating merry hell, lots of DYKWIA, I know the chairman, what is wrong with our dress, I am rich these shorts are not cheap rubbish.

    The Restaurant manager did not budge and said family sulked off saying they would be back. Strange we did not see them again.

    Congrats to Hotel QE2, The Queens Grill and the Manager.


    So many of Inthesandpits experiences are familiar – ripping into my CX J class seatmate (snotty expat) after he belittled the
    charming female flight attendant.

    Showing my fellow Americans on inumerable occasions how to behave – no hands on food in the lounge (or in the ice bucket !!!!)

    Even had the opportunity to teach ‘so benehmen wir wir uns nicht hier’ Germans a thing or two about civilized behaviour.

    My Cunard experience was without irritation – everyone observed the dress rules as far as I could see, though there may have been transgessions in steerage of which I was blissfully unaware.

    Please do not let unacceptable behaviour go unchallenged – I never have and as of today – 67 years old – no-one has ever punched me in the face for it..


    When I have found myself speaking to an errant fellow traveller, and it has happened over the years, a polite and assertive approach couple with a smile usually gets a sheepish if embarrassed sorry.

    If you make it hard for the person to disagree with you they have no where to go.

    Not yet had to use the time honoured admonishment namely “are you naturally stupid or do you have to work at it”?

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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